Blogging world beers.

  • Beer Blog 38: Hungary

    15th Jan 2020 by

    Back to mainland Europe we all go. After the exploits on both sides of the Atlantic I think I need to settle down to a bit of normality, for a couple of blogs anyway. So no long journeys this week, let’s just plod around Europe and explore what’s on offer…. Dreher Sörgyárak – Gold This… Read more

  • Beer Blog 37: Clackmannanshire

    10th Jan 2020 by

    After such a strong, dark imperial stout I thought it was a good idea for something lighter. This time we are visiting the smallest county in Scotland. Let’s see what it has in store….. William Bros Brewing Company – Talking Head This 4.4%, 500ml can was a present for Christmas. So no cost involved, (you… Read more

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