Blogging world beers.

  • Beer Blog 111: Bedfordshire

    7th May 2021 by

    After a month meandering around mainland Europe, it’s nice to be back on home soil. Eagle Brewery – Banana Bread Beer This 500ml bottle comes in at 5.2% and cost just £1.25 from the Winesellar in Wolverhampton. When I read the name of this beer I expected it all to be one big gimmick. All… Read more

  • Beer Blog 110: Corsica

    30th Apr 2021 by

    You may recall last year that I did a blog on Anglesey, which may not technically be a county in its own right but was still a big enough place to warrent a blog. I feel the same goes for Corsica. This French department is situated 200 km off the french coast in the Mediterranean… Read more

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